Cardiac Consultation

Your Cardiac Consultation

A cardiology consultation is usually requested by your general internist, family doctor or sometimes another specialist or surgeon when he or she wishes to have a cardiac specialist (cardiologist) use his or her expertise to evaluate you.

This might be one of many reasons from concern over a known or possible serious cardiac problem to a more general evaluation.

It might also include situations where you, your personal physician or your regular cardiologist wish you to have a confirmatory or second opinion.

Dr. Amine will start by speaking to you and examining you, reviewing any pertinent records available and possibly doing further diagnostic testing.

Reasons to get a Cardiac Consultation:

Cardiologists may see a patient for a cardiac consultation for any of the following reasons:

  • Patient has been referred to a cardiologist by his/her primary care provider.
  • Patient has (or appears to have) a cardiovascular health problem.
  • Patient is preparing for heart or vascular surgery.
  • Patient has had a heart attack, stroke, or significant heart-related procedure.
  • Patient is looking for a second opinion on an imaging test, diagnosis, or treatment plan.

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